15. Colorism

MEANINGFUL CONVO ALERT:) Yes, EVERY cast is so very meaningful AND this one in particular is a necessary PSA for everyone. The world is evolving and this convo is proof (we have some work to do tho). KO sits down with the wonderful Raven Roberts of Own Your I Am, to discuss the state of the world today- colorism, fashion, marketing, and how the society and ideology around all of those things coexists and collide. We go in on this one! Raven might be small in stature, but her presence and voice are to be heard, seen, and felt. Her personal and professional missions work around creating space and grace for everyone that might not be in “the know” and it’s a beautiful thing (especially when it comes to her styling abilities!). The patients are real! We can all take notes here on several levels here. 

Raven and KO also discuss bringing the unconscious conscious, the importance of representation, the impact of money and politics and business. It is an unlevel playing field, but they see light at the end of the tunnel and believe in the power of conversation. Raven’s sound advice around “maybe not changing a person’s mind right away, but planting a seed for the future or long game” is a solid idea we can all carry in our back pocket with every conversation we have with everyone. Conversation and communication just might work:)


Colorism, white privilege, representation, and empowerment. HAIR. Medical camp? Nurture vs. Nature. Racism, we are not born that way. Authenticity. Gucci in the hot seat and a round of applause for Starbucks. Diversity training. Responsibility in business and as an influencer. Our kids kids. Organic actions vs. trends. The ripple effects. Doing what you can to make the world a more aware, loving, and accepting place.

Raven Roberts 

Celebrity Fashion Stylist & Founder of Own Your I Am 

Celebrity Fashion Stylist and advocate, Raven Roberts, who about seven years ago began styling in Los Angeles, California. Today Raven is based in New York City and has quickly become one to watch in the fashion industry. Raven recently founded Own Your I Am.

She aims to help women of color erase the lines of colorism and the social injustice that comes from it. By empowering women to own who they say they are and not what the world says about them!



Own Your I Am

Erasing the lines of colorism by empowering women of color to Own Their I Am and not what the world says about them.


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