13. Body, Mind, Spirit…Humanizing Your Brand

All things CBD! We cover all the good questions you SHOULD ask before you purchase something you’re about to put into your body…mind, and spirit! Being a Colorado native, you’d think KO knows a lot about CBD and anything to do with weed in general, not so!  KO sits down with Erba Essentials Founder, Briana Austin, and covers everything from sourcing, to dosage, to stigma around CBD. Did you know there is a difference between CBD and marijuana? Don’t laugh, most people don’t and will be disappointed they don’t get a high from CBD… but might be less inflamed:) Bri shares her path from her holistic upbringing Armenian roots to her deep passion for mental health (not to mention her master’s degree in it) and how her good practices in a mostly unregulated space are in place for long term, positive societal impact via CBD. Bri also shares how these core values stem from her family and their support- entrepreneurship is in her blood. Thanks Mom!  Major point of the conversation is around humanizing your brand, bring transparent with what’s in your product and who is behind it. How refreshing! We discuss the impact of CBD and the traditional medical and pharmaceutical space, the audience that should be taking CBD, and why it might be ideal for your pet AND your kids?! It’s all about responsibility, as a business owner, consumer, and human being.


Quality> Quantity, responsibility, marketing and supplements, the right fish> the big fish, questions to ask when buying CBD, holistic healthcare, inflammation, help with sleep, pro sports and retired athletes, seeking the truth and voting with your dollar. Mental Health. The universe speaks, you just need to listen.  

Briana Austin, Erba Essentials:

Erba Essentials is a hemp CBD oil company based in Boca Raton, Florida. Founded by its all female team, Erba was inspired by the natural beauty of Florida, from its famous beaches to the everglades. These places are known for bringing peace, relaxation, and happiness to those who get the chance to experience it. We aim to create those same types of experiences for people who use our products.

Our products provide our customers with a sense of peace, relaxation, & happiness by being held to the highest standards of quality. Our full spectrum, CO2 extracted hemp CBD oil comes from organically grown, NON- GMO industrial American hemp in Kentucky, that is free of pesticides, herbicides, solvents, and other harmful ingredients. After the product is grown & extracted, it is sent to our headquarters in Connecticut where your final product is finished, packaged, and sent
right to your doorstep. We guarantee a high quality product & experience, from start to finish. Don’t just take our word for it though!! Take a look at some of our customer reviews and the 3rd party lab results that we provide with each product on our site.

Erba Essentials is a brand that you can trust to produce a high quality hemp CBD oil product everytime you order. Your satisfaction and well-being are essential to what we do! You can feel confident that when you buy a product from us, that you’re getting the most affordable, all natural, eco-friendly product on the market.

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