12. Breakdown, Breakthrough

This is the first of the Be Golden Podcast Series… that’s right, had the pleasure of doing 5 casts in 3 days with some incredible speakers, attendees, and hosts of the 2019 Be Golden Conference in Bloomington, Indiana. 

On this first one we check back in with Sara McInerney- our first, 2nd time guest:)! The timing could not be more perfect. On our first cast with Sara and The Chloe Barnes, we discussed life and what was on the agenda for both of them in the coming year. We quickly learn on this cast, sometimes our plans don’t align with the universe’s plans, and that’s ok. The best lessons are usually leaned the hardest way, and then stick the most. Sara and KO cover breakdowns and breakthroughs…an easy flowing convo on some tough pills to swallow. Ideally you can pull from our leanings on this one and streamline some process in your own world. And if not, just know the lessons are worth the process- take it from us:) The importance of slowing down, actually feeling, and getting back in touch with your athletic self is a process that never ends, needs to be honored, and if you don’t do it, the universe will… for you own good! Getting EMOSH, the new fave cardio. Here we go!


Busy=Numb, transition, self-care, self-check-in, getting knocked off the rails= clarity, challenge to change, when emotions become physical, more is not more, updating the narrative, evolution, sharing the voice, privilege= responsibility, chasing fire and impact. Process and practice and not perfection. Progress and reflection. Take care of you and you can take care of everyone else more. 

Sara McInerney:

Sara is honored to be T&T first returning guest. The universe brought KO and Sara together for this conversation where this otherwise confident young woman doesn’t feel so grounded in certainty at the moment. Sara is listening to her gut and trying to follow her intuition into this next chapter she feels coming. Today she took a big step in writing that new chapter by launching her own podcast called Facing Fear. Sara attempts to follow her own advice and face this next chapter with courage.

Be GoldenConference.From equality to politics to environment, It’s overwhelming to see and know all the work that needs to be done to make the world a better place AND these two have found a way to make a large scale difference. Listen in how they have done this and are continuing to blaze trail in pursuit of continuous positive impact for the world and all of its people at large.

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