11. Life Skills via Sports

HEART FULL! This cast takes us down memory lane…running in sweat pants , holding a Natty Light, late to class and/or practice. Priceless memories, experiences, and relationships that have paved our foundation for “adulthood”. 

Yes, this one is about colligate athletics! To be or not to be a student athlete? KO shares convo, laughs, and tequila (cuz we grown-ish now) with collegiate classmates and fellow D1 student athletes of George Mason University: Meg (Dentler) Thomas (lacrosse) and JP Clark (swimming). AND we were lucky enough to have Kristin Clark (actual student), JP’s wife, in the house sharing the student experience sands athletics. Kristin is a James Madison alum, reading enthusiasts, former sorority member, and overall ground voice to this cast. Thank you in advance to Kristin for chopping through the GMU weeds the 3 of us provided on this one- the counter balance is perfect:)!!

They discuss the experience of the student athlete from the friendships to the schedule, managing the social with a 48hr rule… and everything in between. Committing to be a student athlete is no small commitment, but all agree on this one; it’s worth a try if you think it’s for you. The college experience is only 4… 5, or 6 years (we’re doctors, like Dr. Dre), but the relationships, self-discovery, and all-around life skills you gain through sports allows you to graduate a leg up, with a network, and few great storied in tow… that should and should not be shared down the road- in our opinion. We are honest about our experience, so if you are a soon to be HS grad or a parent with a kiddo questioning college sports- this is a good one for you! Pack a helmet… for the cast and life, 18 is crazy either way.


Life skills through sports, teamwork, college sports = full time job, life long friends, cheap booze, commitment, Chanello’s Pizza, running groups, pleading the 5th, professors who see you before you see yourself, find your value and voice, arts and crafts: making your own graduate cords, not going to NY, fun, practice, building a bond. 

Special SHOUT OUT: This came up in a GMU IG group the other day… when pulling back to reflect, I couldn’t believe we got to spend every day together- laughing, training, studying, and just growing up. So cool. SO appreciate all my GMU friends, fellow student athletes, and even my professors (that may or may not say it back haha)… such a wonderful period in life, so grateful I got to share those times with all of you. Cheers to acting the same, but now having jobs that can fund the party. xo

Quick Bios:

Meg Thomas: I am an ex-laxer from George Mason University. I went to school to play lacrosse, and for some reason they gave me an art degree. 

I extended my college days by being a Div 1 coach for about 11 years.  Although it was fun,  I decided it was time to grow up in 2016 and got married and a “real” big girl job as a graphic designer. 

I now live in Rockville, MD with my husband, Brendan, who still works in college athletics. In 2018, I decided I needed to switch gears again and I joined a political mail consulting firm (yes all that political junk mail) where I am the director of production. I coordinate everything on the art side of our printed and digital pieces.


JP and Kristin  Clark: 

From Fairfax VA, Kristin and JP  moved to Richmond VA 7 years ago, been married 11 years

I’ve been in Wine Sales 14 years 

Was a founding member of the George mason Swim and Dive team 99-03

Sat next to and graduated with Queen K after many communication classes together. 

We own a cutie/pain in the ass Boston terrier named Penny Lane

Music aficionado and go to many many of shows. 



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