09. Smoke, Mirrors, and (UN)Filtered Health Careers

LOVE THIS CAST! KO sits down with Lara McGlashan, Brand Director and Editor-in-Chief of Oxygen Magazine, to rap about print media now, its future, and the all-around impact of showcasing fitness influencers/athletes on culture and society today . They get into all the burning questions around Lara’s journey in the print (and fitness ) world, social media, the power of marketing, fitness influencers and the impact on consumers (young women in particular), and so much more. Lara is a special being with unique responsibility and power, she is quite literally one of the few filtering out the “not so real” so Oxygen Magazine can highlight the real, unfiltered. Very few marketing and/or magazines can claim that truth. Including unedited magazine covers, hand picking talent (not based on social following), and living the lifestyle herself… she is a long-time fitness competitor and current competitive CrossFitter! We discuss knowing your value and being direct… print world, write this down, do the right thing, share the truth. It’s good for the world and the bottom line, we promise:) AND because Lara already does. 


No office required. In fact, they are not allowed:) Evolution of the print world. Advertisers and standing moral ground. diversifying the mag from fitness to lifestyle, social following vs. ROI. Impact vs. celebrity. The “magic middle” and finding the budding star. Creating the platform. And again, knowing your value and being direct in what you want. 

Lara McGlashan

Lara McGlashan is the Brand Director and Editor-in-Chief of Oxygen Magazine. She has been in the health and fitness industry for more than 20 years and has worked for the majority of the large publications and brands in some capacity, from writing to editing to technical advising and photo editing. She is a lifetime athlete and has participated and competed in all manner of sports including skiing, mountain biking, Spartan races and beach volleyball, and is currently a master’s CrossFit competitor and full-time mom. She lives in Connecticut with her son, Alex. 

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