06. Bleeding The Brand

KO and LONG-time lax homie, Katie G., sit down to discuss bleeding the brand- for yourself, your team, and your business. From the sports field to the boardroom: same mentality, different outfit:) We cover the importance of trial and error, the people around you, and getting to know yourself before anything else. We also highlight embracing your personal idiosyncrasies and the things that authentically give you your competitive edge- and letting those drive the impact, wins, and sales. AND the importance of the relationships in business, thank you sports!


Varsity vs. JV, Maslow’s hierarchy, sharing energy and passion, building your team post college, the power of connection, Madonna, getting uncomfortable, beer, and verbal vs. body language.

Katie Gerhard

Katie is a Colorado Native who was a tiny yet tenacious multi-sport athlete growing up. As the youngest of 5, her competitive nature and do-or-die mentality helped her earn a Division I lacrosse scholarship where, like KO, she played at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. She later transferred to Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT where she earned her undergrad. Katie studied marketing and minored in both business administration as well as sports management with the hope of one day becoming the brand director for Under Armour. Today, Katie is a sales executive for MillerCoors—a Fortune 500 company and a respected powerhouse within the beer industry. This kid is known for her loyalty and can often be seen supporting the brands she sells via wearable’s and/or consumption. Katie’s still active, recently getting back into CrossFit, and comes back to Colorado every few months to not only breathe in Rocky Mountain fresh air but also crush some authentic Coors Lights. Cheers!

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