05. Corporation vs. Liberation

KO and Heidi sit down to solve the world’s problems… AKA sip tequila, share our journeys (thus far), and reaffirm that world change starts with getting to know ourselves and evolving from the inside out.  If you are not #FollowingHeart and out of alignment personally, professionally, athletically-  how is that missed out fulfillment really costing you energetically AND financially? Shift from what you are supposed to do to what your want to do (responsibly) and the world just might evolve alongside you. 

 Thankfully,  over time we have (started to) further develop a sense of self and begin to prioritize  goals, time, hopes, dreams… and tequila/botox budgets. Take notes AND bring an eraser:)


Sustainability, communication, balance, environment… all as global AND personal conversation. Universe vs. plan, money vs. time vs. impact, getting uncomfortable, and building a global network. Recognizing your influencer and taking responsibility for it. If you want to break free, please do-here is how we did it/are constantly in process of doing it.

#InfluencerIRL … earn your tank like Heidi 🙂


Heidi Rose Buckhout 

Heidi is a freelance business owner who specializes in writing and marketing in the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) space. She owns Manifest Ink, LLC, a writing and marketing strategy company. She is one of those rare unicorns who was born in Colorado and still lives here, although she travels enough to know that there are plenty of other magical places to be. She earned her BA in Technical Journalism from Colorado State University and holds an MA in Sustainable Development and Responsible Management from the University for Peace in Costa Rica. She has logged time in corporate and non-profit offices and has lived in worked in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. Her mission is to connect people to stories and write words that compel people to make a positive impact on the world.

04. Resilience, Dedication, and Trail Blazing, with one leg, two, or 4!

Current Highland Games super star, Spencer Tyler, and future Highland Games (and potential Olympian:) super star, Sebastiana Lopez (and her pup, Bravo), sit down with KO to cover all things resilience, dedication, and trailblazing. They are both currently breaking barriers with a “non-mainstream” sport on the field AND breaking barriers  in the sports medicine and recovery medical fields (aka off the field:). They each have an inspiring story to share on competing:  professionally, with one’s self, and with a crowded sports industry… from stereotypes, to funding, to training – we cover it all! 


Competing after college and after serious injury, personal identity evolution, growing with the sport you love, training/raising future competitive studs (parenting and coaching), and how an animal (a pet:) can change your life so much for the better!


Spencer Tyler 

Former collegiate All-American in shot put and discus. Five events world record holder in the Highland games. North American, national, and US Champion in Highland games. All around kinda neat guy………… kinda. <–  His words haha. My words, great dude, even better beer drinker and competitive athlete:)

Sebastiana & Bravo Lopez

Sebastiana had a motorcycle accident while on active duty (Air force) in 2015. She was in an  induced coma for about a month, flatlining  lined 3 times. She lost her right leg above the knee and hand function in both hands. She then spent 2 years at Walter Reed rehabbing. It took her about a year to start to walk and  2 years to walk consistently. It took about the same amount of time to learn how to dress, feed herself,  write, speak(stroke), and drive . She competed in her first sporting events 1yr post accident in the 2016 Warrior and Invictus games. Medaling at both. Her Goal at the time of leaving the hospital was to be able to live completely alone. With tons of help from people surrounding her, she surpassed that! 

Accomplishments (thus far):

2019 USA Para panamerican games medalist 

Discus-world Record  


Shot put -bronze 

Arnold’s Strongest disabled woman 2019/2018

Invictus games 2018

Rowing: 2golds

Powerlifting :gold

Shot put: gold

Discus: gold

Rugby: bronze

03. Unapologetically Authentic

KO, Chelsea, and Sarah sit down to dive in about “being the change we want to see in the world”. Chelsea and Sarah share their personal journeys of self discovery AND how/why they established their incredible annual event,

Be Golden. From equality to politics to environment, It’s overwhelming to see and know all the work that needs to be done to make the world a better place AND these two have found a way to make a large scale difference. Listen in how they have done this and are continuing to blaze trail in pursuit of continuous positive impact for the world and all of its people at large.


Personal journeys, self enlightenment, event experience and planing, political discovery, and of course TEQUILA:).


Chelsea Sanders

An artist and creator to the core, Chelsea Sanders is the visionary and co-founder of Be Golden. With 12 years under her belt as founder and creative director of Blueline Media and owner of art gallery Untitled Light, Chelsea brings her artistic passion and entrepreneurial energy and spirit to Be Golden, helping women understand their self-worth and empower them to fulfill their most authentic lives. When she is not lifting other women up through her creative endeavors, she is motivating them on the cycling floor as an instructor at Bloomington-based Ethos Cycling.

Sarah Perfetti

Sarah Perfetti, MPA, is Be Golden’s organizational powerhouse. As co-founder and director of expansion & strategy, Sarah manages Be Golden’s partnerships and all the nitty-gritty details that make it all happen. Inspired to create a safe and inclusive space for collaboration and connection over topics of shared human experience, Sarah’s mission is to encourage women to celebrate themselves and their unique qualities. In her “spare” time, she instructs at Ethos Cycling. Sarah’s other passion? Taking care of the adorable chicks living in her home-based DIY chicken coop.

Be Golden

The mission of the Be Golden Women’s Empowerment Conference is to provide community, mentorship, and tools to inspire and empower women and their allies to spark the change they want to see in themselves and the world around them.

02. Big Dreams and The Little Things

Sara McInerney, KO, and Chloe Barnes come together for a much anticipated convo/cast together as 3 female biz hustlers: full time jobs+ side hustle+ school… how do you find balance while chasing the dream? 

Highlights include physical AND mental health, prioritizing, labels AND identity, the importance of the pause AND celebrating whenever you can (and celebrating other people). This cast was straight up SOUL FUEL. If you need a warm, digital hug and “a nod to know that it’s ok, things are in motion, enjoy the journey that’s in process”, listen to this cast. AND special appearance by THE Rosa Jadd:)


Sara McInerney

Manager, Finish Line Youth Foundation and Founder, Passion over Paycheck, M.B.A.

Sara McInerney is an outdoor and travel fitness enthusiast, adrenaline junkie, writer, speaker, corporate nonprofit guru and ever-evolving badass woman. She lives and works in Indianapolis with her fiancé.
Through her career she has participated and planned KaBOOM! playground builds, built a career readiness program called One Step Ahead for Finish Line’s Boys & Girls Clubs of America partnership, led volunteer engagement with Special Olympics and planned many other employee engagement opportunities. 

Her career is built on following her passion over her paycheck and turning an internship into a full-time job early on. Throughout her five years of “adulting”, she’s learned life is about continuously facing fears in order to live an unapologetically authentic life. 

Chloe Barnes

Deputy Chief of Staff, Oscar Health, athlete consulting, M.B.A.

Chloe Barnes is a Chicago grown and New York known former Division I Women’s Basketball player turned entrepreneur, community builder, writer, speaker and advocate whose world crashed when she was forced to retire from basketball prematurely due to injury. 

Determined to prevent other athletes from feeling the confusion that she felt after it was time to leave the game behind; Barnes ran her own consulting agency, Elle Grace Consulting, LLC for three years before she moved to NYC and co-founded The Prolific Company, an social impact organization that is designed to bring forth innovative professional empowerment solutions to young professionals transitioning from sport around the world. 

Barnes’ entrepreneurial work has lead her to be named one of Chicago Urban League’s nextSTARTUP participants, one of the country’s “Top Sports Professionals” by Front Office Sports, and one of the youngest professionals to hold national leadership positions at organizations like the National Association of Academic and Student-Athlete Development Professionals and Women Leaders in College Sports. 

When she isn’t working, Barnes is active in her community and serves as a fearless advocate for the rights and opportunities of athletes, women and girls around the world.

Rosa Jadd

KS107.5 On Air Talent 

Nothing is off limits when Rosa steps into the studio! The outgoing girl who grew up avidly listening to KS1075 has now found herself in the shoes of her idols.

Born in Saudi Arabia and living in Denver since 2000, this over-the-top, don’t-think-before-you-speak girl always dreamed of entertaining people. Knowing the city inside and out, Rosa defines what it means to rep the Mile High city.

While finishing up her senior year of high school, she landed an internship with a prestigious sports radio station. Within the first week, she found herself on the same floor and in the mix with 1075. In 2013, at just 17 years old, she became an on-air KS1075 personality doing weekend shifts, while being a full-time college student. Fast-forwarding 3 years later, Rosa graduated early from the University of Colorado, Denver, while simultaneously working her way up the ranks at the station.

Ready to put the city on a wave weekdays 10am – 3pm, Rosa will use her youth and spunk to bring Denver a fresh, energetic radio vibe!